Daniela Holm-Verzola

Daniela Holm-Verzola

Screen Time: 95%
Role: Sofi
Age: 12 years old
Patricia Otter

Patricia Otter

Screen Time: 40%
Role: Annika
Age: 11 years old



Touched by an Angel (International: English title)
Rating: 6.38 (13 votes)
Directed: Christina Olofson
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish
Genre: Drama, Family


13-year-old Sofi has to leave her friends in town and move to the countryside with her mother and her mother's new boyfriend. She has difficulty adapting to her new life, and feels lonely and unwanted. In the village, Sofi meets a wise old woman who tells her strange stories about unsolved mysteries from the village's past. In addition, she discovers an abandoned cat, Mitzi, a cat that actually receives letters. She also finds some strange newspaper clippings about a theft in a church and when Mitzi's previous owner turns up with her best friend Ubbe, unusual things start to happen.





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