Kacie Young

Kacie Young

Screen Time: 85%
Role: Dawn
Age: 10 years old





Rating: 8.3 (4 votes)
Directed: Jay Reel
Country: USA
Language: English
Genre: Coming of Age, Horror


Dawn (10yo Kacie Young) is a special little girl, born of two very different parents. Her father, John (Ray Boucher) is human. Her mother, Sarah (Mindy Raymond), is not. Her unique circumstances make it impossible for Dawn to live a normal life. Always traveling from town to town, place to place, Dawn never has the chance to fit in. On the verge of her 10th birthday, she's finding it harder and harder to control the animal instincts hidden deep inside her. Avoiding the authorities at every turn has become commonplace to Dawn and John. Their activities have become routine. Feeding on the life blood of the sick and weak has become Dawn's mainstay and the key to her survival. When a specter of the past arises in the form of psychic Carlton Reed (Jay Reel), Dawn faces her true destiny and brings her to terms with a terrible revelation - is it easier to go on living her tortured, abnormal life, or to give in and do what she feels is right, in her somewhat human heart?

Movie Reviews

This film works based on the performance of Kacie Young. She's a very talented young actress- completely believable as this little confused girl who doesn't know what she is. If they didn't have her, this film would've fallen apart- she's key to the emotional scenes of this movie.

I have to also say that this film managed to shock me during a few points.... mostly because I grew to really like the characters and didn't want anything to happen to them. You'll feel bad for this poor kid who just wants to be normal, able to have friends and play with people her age.

Dawn is a breath of fresh air in the crappy, gothic sludge that the vampire genre has become. It does what it wants, and deals with issues of abandonment and loneliness in a way that not many other films do. It's not the most polished film in the world- so make sure not to forget that this is a low budget flick and the typical things apply- such as some spotty acting and almost laughable dramatic scenes.

It's really engaging though, and ends in a way that makes you wish you could see more of the story. It'll stick in your head, either way.







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