About a Girl

About a Girl
Ashley Thewlis

Ashley Thewlis

Screen Time: 100%
Role: The Girl
Age: 13 years old


About a Girl

Rating: 7.44 (9 votes)
Directed: Brian Percival
Country: UK
Language: English
Genre: Coming of Age, Drama, Short


As a girl relates stories about her ordinary teenage life, there is an uncomfortable sense of sadness underlying her easygoing tales, but it is not until the end that we find out the very disturbing truth.

Movie Reviews

A young girl talks candidly to camera about her life with her mum and dad and her hopes for the future. But she is hiding more than we think. Brian Percival was an established commercials director when he made his first film from a script by his wife Julie Rutterford.

The film, with a standout performance from young actress Ashley Thewlis, won a multitude of awards in 2002 including the BAFTA for Best Short Film.







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