The Spy Who Caught a Cold

The Spy Who Caught a Cold
Isabella Nightingale Marsh

Isabella Nightingale Marsh

Screen Time: 90%
Role: Clossie
Age: 9 years old


The Spy Who Caught a Cold

Rating: 8.07 (15 votes)
Directed: Philippa Lowthorpe
Country: UK
Language: English
Genre: Comedy, Coming of Age, Short


A young girl discovers what adults get up to in the summertime.

A bus stops and drops off a mother and daughter at a British holiday resort by the sea. Which happens also to be a naturist resort. The girls frolic carefree on the beach.Mother is looking for a new man and her daughter giggles at the different shapes and sizes of the other nude bodies around her. In the evening, mother dances with the local fishmonger. Later that night she spys on them having sex, intrigued by it. In the morning she investigates the sleeping man's body, interrupted prematurely by her mother.

Movie Reviews

"You bring me to this kinky place full of nudies, and get all worked up about me swearing!"

Ten-year-old Clossie is having the worst holiday of her life, dragged to a seaside naturist resort by her fun-loving single mother. When Mum starts flirting around the fishmonger, there's nothing for it but to tail them with binoculars to try and unravel the adult mysteries of attraction.

Novelist and screenwriter Lucy Ellman creates a believably cross, sneaky child spy in the house of love, and director Philippa Lowthorpe sets the action moving across ravishingly composed (and believably chilly) British seaside landscapes. Beach huts have never looked so beautiful.







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