Verbotene Liebe

Verbotene Liebe
Julia Brendler

Julia Brendler

Screen Time: 80%
Role: Barbara Behrend
Age: 13 years old


Verbotene Liebe

Forbidden Love (USA) (literal English title)


Rating: 7.93 (15 votes)
Directed: Helmut Dziuba
Country: Germany
Language: German
Genre: Coming of Age, Drama, Romance


A 13 year old girl (14 year old Julia Brendler) falls in love with the 18 year old boy next door and decides to have sex with him. He loves her to, so they do it, and have sex on and off for a couple years until one day they are caught. Their fathers have been fueding for years, so her dad presses charges. The story deals with their schoolmates and the authorities and how they deal with it. Over time they begin to see beyond the letter of the law, and start to see the young couple in love who only want to spend their lives together, and make their judgements accordingly. Interestingly, dispite its subject matter and nudity, this film was considered an educational film and was first shown on German TV.





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