Les Mots bleus

Les Mots bleus
Camille Gauthier

Camille Gauthier

Screen Time: 70%
Role: Anna
Age: 9 years old
Clarisse Baffier

Clarisse Baffier

Screen Time: 5%
Role: Clara enfant
Age: 8 years old


Les Mots bleus

Some Kind of Blue (International: English title)
Rating: 9 (3 votes)
Directed: Alain Corneau
Country: France
Language: French, Spanish
Genre: Drama, Romance


Sylvie Testud plays the single mother of a daughter who has chosen not to speak. She enrolls her in a school for the deaf, where the mother develops a relationship with her daughter’s teacher.

Movie Reviews

A haunting story atypical of French cinema; a gem, 13 October 2005
Author: leoneangelica from IMDb

This film floored me. I sobbed throughout. There was something incredibly raw about it which triggered emotions inside which no other film has done. I caught this film at the cinema in France last year, and I can imagine that watching it depending on English subtitles to convey its sentiment would detract from your experience. The three main characters (the single mother of irrational, overblown emotions, the questionably mute daughter and her dedicated teacher) are confused and insecure, their haunting pasts preventing them from living fully. They don't fit in anywhere, but may fit in with each other.

For those of us who deal with characters like these, or ARE characters like these in everyday life, this film strikes a familiar chord which resonates deeply within and breaks up the balled-up frustration and sadness which resides deep within the psyche. The style of the cinematography and the lack of music combined with the excellent performances and script make this story and these people feel very real.

To blow off the relationship which develops between the mother and the teacher as extraneous or unnecessary to the plot is a mistake; the high emotions ARE the plot and are expressed most effectively. Les Mots Bleus is a tearjerker in the purest sense of the word. Don't read into it or analyze it too much; let your emotions be controlled.







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