The Snow Queen

The Snow Queen
Sydney White

Sydney White

Screen Time: 90%
Role: Gerda
Age: 13 years old


The Snow Queen

Rating: 8.5 (2 votes)
Directed: Julian Gibbs
Country: UK
Language: English
Genre: Family, Fantasy, Musical


Gerda sets out on a magical journey to find her best friend, Kay who has been taken by the Snow Queen.

Movie Reviews

Snow Queen for the Graphic Novel generation., 3 January 2006
Author: carino risagallo from IMDb

Every generation of directors and children's TV programmers seems destined to try their hand at Hans Christian Anderson's Snow Queen, this version is one of the best.

Filmed with a mixture of animation and live acting, it manages to capture the spirit of early eastern-European animations and graphic novels, the unreal backdrops suggest a stage performance, and the jerky motion, marionettes. Combined with a wonderful score written by Paul K. Joyce (and performed by the Royal Philharmonic), this is certainly an adaptation children will love, and continue to be entertained by for years to come.

Although some parts of the story which are skimmed over could have had more time spent on them (and it's possible some adults will be expecting Disney and fail to see past the computer imagery), it's good to remember that this is a story to be enjoyed, not studied, and its for kids who probably wouldn't want it to drag on.

All in all this is a very worthy production, there are far worse ways to spend an hour of the holiday period.







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