Beneath Clouds

Beneath Clouds
Dannielle Hall

Dannielle Hall

Screen Time: 80%
Role: Lena
Age: 17 years old


Beneath Clouds



Rating: 8.5 (2 votes)
Directed: Ivan Sen
Country: Australia
Language: English
Genre: Coming of Age, Drama


Lena is a fair-skinned girl of mixed race, who lives with her Aboriginal mother and brother in a small, isolated country town. She longs for the Irish father she never really knew and one day when her home life feels set to implode, she ups and leaves, hitting the road with little money, a backpack and a photo of her dad.

Vaughn is in a minimum-security prison in country western NSW. He is a teenage indigenous boy who spends all his time in the plantation pine forest in the prison. Like many young aboriginal men, he is hardened by his anger at the world. He is disconnected from his family, but news of his mothers illness prompts him to break out of prison in the hope of reaching her before it is too late. Vaughn meets Lena at a truck stop on the road to Sydney. Initially both are suspicious and wary of each other, but their journey, mostly by foot and the odd bit of hitch hiking, brings each of them closer to their search for purpose, identity and love.

Movie Reviews

Beneath Clouds is the highly anticipated Indy debut feature from director Ivan Sen. It's a modern day coming of age/tear jerker movie about two people who meet at a truck stop while hitchhiking to Sydney. Lena is a fair-skinned girl, half Aboriginal, that lives with her Aboriginal mother and brother in a small isolated country town. She wants to find the Irish father she never knew and hits the road with little things she has; money, backpack and a picture of her dad. Vaughn, the other main character in this film, is a guy that has broken out of prison to get to his dying mother. He's not the hard nosed type so it makes for a good combination for this movie and the plot that unfolds. Reminiscent of the Dutch film Long Live the Queen, it's a story of how both characters find what they're looking for and a kindred feeling in each other as they reach the end of the 'road' in their travels.

If you are into this kind of movie, this is a definite must see. It's won its fair share of movie awards from the Indy film festivals and full of emotion and life.







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