Le Nécrophile

Le Nécrophile
Ilona Szábo

Ilona Szábo

Screen Time: 65%
Role: La petite fille
Age: 11 years old


Le Nécrophile

Amours Mortes
Rating: 7.86 (22 votes)
Directed: Philippe Barassat
Country: France
Language: French
Genre: Drama, Mystery, Short


The weird and surreal story of an eccentric old man who is a necrophile, who seeks the dead for love. One day he's forced to take care of his young niece, being her only living relative. The girl soon tries to walk away but is brought back. When she discovers her uncle's passion she's fascinated by it and especially the tenderness with which her uncle indulges.. She begins to sympathise and eventually tries an experiment of her own..





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