Winter People

Winter People
Amelia Burnette

Amelia Burnette

Screen Time: 55%
Role: Paula Jackson
Age: 9 years old


Winter People



Rating: 6.5 (2 votes)
Directed: Ted Kotcheff
Country: USA
Language: English
Genre: Drama, Romance


A shy sensitive widowed clock maker, Wayland Jackson, played by Kurt Russell on his way through the mountains with his only daughter becomes stuck in a creek and ends up sticking around for longer than he bargained. There he meets the elusive Collie Wright (Kelly McGillis's character) who with her only son seems to be living alone off from the small town. Immediately you sense a spark between the two but as the story progresses you realize there is a dark looming secret which threatens both lives. It appears Ellie's family has an ancient hatred that runs deep for their neighbors and would shootem' just as look at'em. Enter dark loomy character which is the babe's father and he's from the other side of the mountain. He is the exact opposite of our shy clock maker and Ellie knows this. Perhaps when some see the performances as cheesy or over acted they've never actually met any mountain folk, and thusly are insistent that the histrionics are over played. If you have been to the mountains and can feel the spirit of them then I think you will love this picture. It is about the give and take, the act of forgiveness and of course true love.

Movie Reviews

I just watched this movie and what a well-spent evening! Thoroughly enjoyable. I can think of no flaws whatever with this film. The scenery is beautiful as well. Another plus. I can't imagine anyone not being pleased with their experience in seeing this film. It has drama, romance and wonderful relationship studies, and development. Kudos to the little girl for excellent acting, too.







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