Laura Tufano

Laura Tufano

Screen Time: 60%
Role: The Girl
Age: 11 years old





Rating: 7 (6 votes)
Directed: Carolina Feix
Country: Germany, Netherlands
Language: Silent
Genre: Fantasy, Short


Very beautiful young girls play in gloomy woods as they hit a carriage dragged by charming boys. They step in and are brought to a house full of marzipan. Feeling bitter what they did in sweetness, someone has to pay for their songs of life.

Movie Reviews

About the boys:

The best got caught directly on the street in Berlin Kreuzberg by Carolina, some of them were recruited just few hours before shooting. And Carolina was naughty enough to pick up the last one directly from the classroom. They immediateley started to occupy the building and played war...

About the girls:

They ran and ran and ran and finally got the marzipan Carolina promised them already weeks before the shooting. None of them expected this amount and this is why they couldn't get enough of it. After the shooting each girl went home with the head of a marzipan boy under her arm after they fought like little female knights with arms and legs till everything was completely destroyed.

About the director:

Nothing could stop her making this film, she even convinced the alarmed police how important it is to create a lot of smoke and fire in the woods to get the perfect image. Her driven temper in situations where everybody thought this film will never find an end, shows how serious she took this and how much her heart was in it. Without her superhuman love even for the absurdest detail, this film would have never happened.







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