Little Girl Blue

Little Girl Blue
Muriel Neukom

Muriel Neukom

Screen Time: 100%
Role: Sandra
Age: 14 years old


Little Girl Blue

Rating: 7.7 (4 votes)
Directed: Anna Luif
Country: Switzerland
Language: German
Genre: Coming of Age, Drama, Romance


Sandra is new to the neighbourhood and she‘s shy. The girls in her class don‘t make it easy for her either. She doesn‘t fit into the cool clique around Nadja and Isa at all. But when she meets 14-year-old Mike who lives in the house across the street, all her problems seem to be forgotten. She falls head over heels in love with him.

However Sandra doesn‘t know that Nadja, too, has had a crush on Mike for some time – and Nadja doesn‘t miss an opportunity to score points with her feminine charms… Nevertheless, Sandra and Mike are becoming closer. But their young love is soon put to the test. One day, they observe Mike‘s mother with a stranger. Mike is outraged. He can‘t understand that only a year after his sister died, his family will now be completely destroyed. But Sandra is staggered as well. How can she explain to Mike that the stranger is her father? Afraid of losing Mike, she tries everything to keep the matter secret. But by doing so, she becomes always more entangled in contradictions. Mike is puzzled by her sudden changes of mood and disappointedly turns away from her.

That‘s when Nadja sees her big chance. She takes advantage of Mike‘s uncertainty and throws herself at him. When Sandra learns that Nadja wants to make love to Mike for the first time at her birthday party, she can see only one way out. To stop him from going to the party, she tells him where his mother meets her lover. So the two kids get on a moped and drive there. When they discover the lovers, hot-tempered Mike doesn‘t contend himself with a glance – as Sandra hoped. He wants to force his mother to drive home with him.

By doing so, Sandra is exposed, too, and Mike discovers the identity of his mother‘s lover. Mike is deeply disappointed about Sandra‘s betrayal. He turns away from them and drives to Nadja‘s birthday party. Sandra is now faced with her biggest test of courage…





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