Zsuzsa Czinkóczi

Zsuzsa Czinkóczi

Screen Time: 95%
Role: Csöre
Age: 7 years old



Nobody's Daughter (USA)


Rating: 7.89 (9 votes)
Directed: László Ranódy
Country: Hungary
Language: Hungarian
Genre: Drama


Csöre, the seven-year-old orphan, is maltreated by her foster-parents. They punish her severely for every tiny mistake she makes. Csöre runs away and an other family adopt her, nevertheless she is abused more than ever before.

Movie Reviews

Anyone who is not familiar with the hungarian reality of 1920-40's, can not imagine what the essence of this movie is. So, even if you are not Hungarian, but want to see the movie, and additionally would like to understand it, you have to be open; you should know that different parts of the world have different histories, they have other spirits, and they could suffer and be glad in different ways than you.

This film is an excellent adaptation of a masterpiece novel by Móricz Zsigmond. We can see the background of that age through Csöre's life, which only was a small part of the system, but her little impulsive existence carry the whole Hungarian reality in the 20-30's. Anyone who doesn't know what it means to run among the sharp corn leaves naked as Csöre did on the very first moment of the film, can stop watching the movie, because it is pointless.

Czinkóczi Zsuzsa, who played the part of Csöre, recieved the main award of a child film festival. The director, Ranódy László, won the Hungarian Film Critics' award.







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