Tarzan Mama-Mia

Tarzan Mama-Mia
Christine Haagensen

Christina Haagensen

Screen Time: 85%
Role: Rikke
Age: 10 years old


Tarzan Mama-Mia

Mig og Mama-Mia (Denmark), Me and Mama Mia (International: English title)
Rating: 6 (1 votes)
Directed: Erik Clausen
Country: Denmark
Language: Danish
Genre: Adventure, Family


Eleven-year old Rikke (Christina Haagensen) lives alone with her father, whose only interest in life seems to be the soccer matches which appear on his television. Not surprisingly, Rikke is somewhat bored. She enters a contest put on by a cereal company which has as its grand prize a horse. Since she lives in the city in a second floor apartment, it never occurred to her that she might win, but win she does. The horse (named "Mama-Mia") duly appears, and she and the members of her slum neighborhood come together to cope with the situation in a delightful way. One of the first things they do is rechristen the horse, so it is now called Tarzan Mama-Mia.





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