Sasha: Beauty Queen at 11

Sasha: Beauty Queen at 11
Sasha Bennington

Sasha Bennington

Screen Time: 85%
Role: Sasha
Age: 11 years old


Sasha: Beauty Queen at 11

Rating: 8.09 (11 votes)
Directed: Danni Davis
Country: UK
Language: English
Genre: Documentary


Documentary about 11-year-old Lancashire schoolgirl Sasha Bennington and her dreams of becoming a model. Her ambitious mum Jayne and dad Martin have instilled in her that looks and money are the most important things in life and Jayne is actively helping her daughter on the road to stardom. After a model casting and TV appearance, Jayne takes Sasha and her younger brother Max to Dallas to become the first British kids to take part in a kids' beauty pageant.

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"Blond, pretty, dumb - I don't need brains", is how 11 year-old Sasha Bennington describes herself. At 10 she entered Britain's first adult-style beauty pageant for kids and her foray into the US pageant circuit is documented in BBC pruduction, Sasha, Beauty Queen at 11.

Her mother, Jayne, says she just wants Sasha to be famous and is so determined for her to become the next Jordan that she spends around £300 a month on beauty treatments on her and encourages her to wear lots of makeup. If Sasha's portfolio is anything to go by, the results are disturbing - a pre-pubescent Lolita with an adult woman's face and a porn star's vacant expression.

Jayne has even enrolled Sasha in cheerleading classes to prepare her for US competitions. She makes Sasha perform her routines wherever she goes, including in the middle of restaurants. 'You have to be out there, being noticed, even at a bus stop. What if Andrew Lloyd Webber walks past?'

Fending off inevitable criticisms of being a stage mum, Jayne says:

    'She's always wanted to be a model, 100 per cent. I'm just helping her do what she wants, like any good parent would. It's not pushing her into anything. I hate it when people say I'm a pushy parent. I'm not. I just want the best for her.'







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