Pavee Lackeen: The Traveller Girl

Pavee Lackeen: The Traveller Girl
Winnie Maughan

Winnie Maughan

Screen Time: 90%
Role: Winnie
Age: 10 years old


Pavee Lackeen: The Traveller Girl



Rating: 8 (1 votes)
Directed: Perry Ogden
Country: Ireland
Language: English
Genre: Documentary, Drama, Reality


Winnie is ten. Winnie is in trouble at school. Winnie can get violent but only when the other kids disrespect her. Winnie is sensitive but she is unable to express her emotions. Winnie is a little traveler girl. She lives in a trailer in the docks area of Dublin with her mother and a few of her nine brothers and sisters. Her father is away, dead or gone. Everyday life is hard, all the more as the council authorities are intent on evicting them. But Winnie is resilient. Just like her combative mother she survives day after day, holds on, keeps hoping without even being aware of it...





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