Nana: La vera chiave del piacere

Nana: La vera chiave del piacere
Katya Berger

Katya Berger

Screen Time: 80%
Role: Nana
Age: 15 years old


Nana: La vera chiave del piacere

Nana, the True Key of Pleasure, Nana (International: short title)


Rating: 7.35 (20 votes)
Directed: Dan Wolman
Country: Italy
Language: Italian/English
Genre: Coming of Age, Drama


In Zola's Paris, an ingenue arrives at a tony bordello: she's Nana, guileless, but quickly learning to use her erotic innocence to get what she wants. She's an actress for a soft-core filmmaker and soon is the most popular courtesan in Paris, parlaying this into a house, bought for her by a wealthy banker. She tosses him and takes up with her neighbor, a count of impeccable rectitude, and with the count's impressionable son. The count is soon fetching sticks like a dog and mortgaging his lands to satisfy her whims. She bankrupts him, arranges the debauching of his wife, and seduces his son on his wedding day. What else can she accomplish before she leaves Paris airborne?

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From Time Out Film Guide

Cinephiles will pale at this travesty in which, in a sub-plot, Georges Méliès is depicted as the father not of cinematic fantasy but of cinematic pornography, the Zalman King of the belle époque. Predictably, this being a Cannon production, Nana's trail of sexual devastation across Parisian high society is given no social or moral dimension, but serves merely as framework for tepid erotica. Several talented artists are involved, the director emphatically not among their number.







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