La Flaqueza del bolchevique

La Flaqueza del bolchevique
María Valverde

María Valverde

Screen Time: 55%
Role: Maria
Age: 15 years old


La Flaqueza del bolchevique

The Weakness of the Bolshevik (International: English title)


Rating: 8.2 (4 votes)
Directed: Manuel Martín Cuenca
Country: Spain
Language: Spanish
Genre: Drama


Based on a novel by Lorenzo Silva, this movie deals with the unusual and tragic relationship between a frustrated businessman and a 14-year-old student. After crashing into the rear of the car in front of him, Pablo Lopez starts arguing with the other driver, Sonsoles, who finally files for an injury claim against him. Therefore, the angry manager starts harassing her and observes her younger sister Maria in her schoolyard. When he gets to know the intelligent girl, his perception of life is changed totally, but their friendship leads into a tragedy...





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