Sleepaway Camp

Sleepaway Camp
Felissa Rose

Felissa Rose

Screen Time: 70%
Role: Angela Baker
Age: 13 years old


Sleepaway Camp

Nightmare Vacation


Rating: 7 (2 votes)
Directed: Robert Hiltzik
Country: USA
Language: English
Genre: Horror


Angela Baker and her cousin, Ricky, go to Camp Arakwak for the summer. Ricky has lots of friends there and is happy but Angela is very shy and hardly ever speaks. A lot of the other kids tease her because she is so quite and doesn't participate in sports etc. But soon the kids at at Camp Arriwak start dying in horrible accidents as somebody is determined to turn this summer into a vacation to dismember...

Movie Reviews

This was a shocker in 1983

It's saddening that a movie with such potential has generated such corrupted sequels. Sleepaway Camp copies elements from other slasher movies but is based on a simple concept that has always spawned controversy: children are murdered. In fact, it is not children but young adolescents who bite the dust in this film.

Because every murder is committed by and for children, the notion of power that is often discussed in this type of situation cannot by brought up. A few will complain about the pedophile who, from the start, banishes the purity from the children by admiring them run. In fact, I appreciate that we don’t see him lose his testicles. This happens all too often in movies; I feel that it is not a good pretext to try to spread your opinion on pedophiles. This movie kills these clichés in a quite agile manner. However, we are faced with second grade actors who aren’t very attractive but, curiously, this movie distinguishes itself from the pack by making us forget this fact.

A few of the murders are suggested but others, such as the murder of the cook, are audacious. We see the cook suffer for twenty-some seconds and we witness what happens to his face. Also, as a means of punishment, an adolescent is stabbed in the crotch with a hair curler. Finally, a few murders later, the ending credits are ready to roll but a horrible scene takes place.

The conclusion of this movie is shocking, disgusting, surprising and audacious. It has often been said that it is one of the best conclusions ever made and I do not disagree. I will not ruin it for you yet I invite you to watch this movie, even if it is only for the finale.







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