Die Rote Zora

Die Rote Zora
Linn Sara Reuse

Linn Sara Reuse

Screen Time: 70%
Role: Zora
Age: 15 years old


Die Rote Zora

Red Zora (Europe: English title)


Rating: 8 (2 votes)
Directed: Peter Kahane
Country: Germany, Switzerland
Language: German
Genre: Adventure


The romantic, breathtaking landscape of Mediterranean coast in the 1930s: after the death of his mother, twelve-year-old Branko goes looking for his father, a travelling fiddler, in a near-by coastal town, but his father is long gone. When Branko snatches a fish from the local market, he gets nabbed by fish merchant Karaman - only to be freed by 14-year- old Red Zora, the leader of a gang of outlaw orphan kids with a hideout in the ruins of a castle. Chased by the rich kids of the town’s upperclass families, Karaman and the local police, Zora’s gang strikes back with ingenuity and camraderie. Zora begins to discover her feelings for Branko, while he has a crush on the beautiful, violin-playing Zlata - who turns out to be the daughter of the mayor Ivekovic. The gang on the run soon finds its future at stake in the greatest adventure of their lives.





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