Rita Kvist

Rita Kvist

Screen Time: 95%
Role: Tanya
Age: 15 years old





Rating: 5.5 (4 votes)
Directed: Nathilde Overrein Rapp
Country: Norway
Language: Norwegian
Genre: Coming of Age


Tanya is almost sixteen and angry. She is in love with Henrik and unhappy. Her mother has decided they're moving the very same day Tanya gets the job as drummer in Henrik's band, Limbo. It really isn't much fun having to leave behind everything you care about. Nor is it much fun having a mother who keeps on changing her boyfriends. And who doesn't understand that sitting in a coffee bar in town with friends is infinitely better than rummaging about in a field in the country.

In fact it just is no good being 16 and being forced to abandon the things that really matter in life - love, friends and music. Unless you can find a way to run away from it all. But that takes courage. And money.

Tanya gets a little less angry the day Lisbeth gives her a ride. Lisbeth who's always running around on her moped. And is a good laugh. Lisbeth who's got a boyfriend - Iver. Tanya thinks. Tanya who's only got her sheep dog Floyd. And her little brother Joachim. She thinks.

Movie Reviews

Irresistibly colorful dream world
Author: sleepsev from IMDb

The world portrayed in 'Lime' is too beautiful to be real, yet it is too beautiful for me to resist. I give this movie 10/10 mostly because of its choice of music, and also because of its beautiful colors, its haunting black and white scenes, its cinematography, its editing, the performance of Rita Kvist, and its tremendous impact on my emotions.

There are many scenes that I like in 'Lime', including the scenes when the camera focuses on an insect at the window, when Tanja makes her own dress, when she imagines her mother dancing hauntingly, the scene in the forest, and the scene about a wolf. These scenes are not only beautifully shot, but they are also strangely powerful. The heightened colors, the contrast between color scenes and black-and-white scenes, and the appropriate pace of editing lend this movie great excitement, while the story itself is not as exciting.

Giving it 10/10 means I love it so much though I think it still has some flaws. While the role of Tanja is so impressive and gives Kvist a great chance to show her talent, the supporting characters are somehow not fully developed, including her friend, her ex-boyfriend, her new boyfriend, her little brother, her new stepfather, and particularly her mother. 'Lime' chooses to focus only on Tanja, and that makes it different from other recent movies about single mother-teenage daughter in countryside, including 'Tumbleweeds' and 'La Spagnola'.

The second half of this movie is not as intense as the first half, and I have to admit I'm not satisfied with this kind of ending. Thanks to its music, 'Lime' is now one of my most favorite films about teenagers, but because of its possible-but-lackluster resolution, the place for my most favorite teenage film still belongs to 'Busu' by Jun Ichikawa. Though both two films are about troubled teenage girls and are tremendously powerful, 'Busu' gives a feeling of a 'real world', while 'Lime' gives a vividly colorful picture of a 'dream world'. 'Lime', for me, is perfect as a way to escape from reality. Yes, I'm one of those people who wish our own life should have been like Tanja's.







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