Dafne Fernandez

Dafne Fernandez

Screen Time: 65%
Role: Fuensanta
Age: 11 years old



Little Bird (USA) (informal English title)


Rating: 8.25 (4 votes)
Directed: Carlos Saura
Country: Spain
Language: Spanish
Genre: Coming of Age, Drama


Told from a child's point of view, the story follows 10-year-old Manu who arrives in southern Spain, sent by his parents who are trying to sort out a marital separation. The plan is that Manu will spend a week with a different uncle on a rotating basis. The ecentric collection of family members includes a heartsick, bisexual uncle whose lover has just ended their affair, a sharp-as-nails grandfather, and a mesmerizing young cousin Fuensanta who gives Manu his first taste of love.





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