Sklenený dum

Sklenený dum
Michaela Kudláčková

Michaela Kudláčková

Screen Time: 85%
Role: Pavla
Age: 12 years old


Sklenený dum



Rating: 8.25 (8 votes)
Directed: Vít Olmer
Country: Czechoslovakia
Language: Czech
Genre: Coming of Age, Drama


Pavla (Michaela Kudiackova) has been put in an orphanage, also a home for underprivileged children, while her father is "free" to concentrate on his own life. Pavla develops an unhealthy dependence on her group's housemother, Jarmila (Veronika Freimanova), to the point where she is jealous of Jarmila's fiance -- and has raised the shackles of the forbidding Mrs. Moravek (Anna Ferencova). Finally, Jarmila cannot continue in the role that Pavla has placed on her, and she takes measures to end the dependence, no matter what the outcome.





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