At zijí duchové

At zijí duchové
Dana Vavrova

Dana Vavrova

Screen Time: 50%
Role: Leontynka
Age: 9 years old


At zijí duchové

Long Live Ghosts! (USA)


Rating: 6.83 (6 votes)
Directed: Oldrich Lipský
Country: Czechoslovakia
Language: Czech
Genre: Family, Musical


While cavorting around in the ruins of a castle in Prague, a trespassing gang of kids encounter a ghost from the days of knighthood. Naturally enough, they are scared by him. However, when the ghost is caught in a trap set by some other interlopers, they rescue him, and they become allies in a fight to prevent the glorious ruins from being turned into a mushroom farm by the city authorities. Thanks to the involvement of the knight, forest elves are brought in to help their cause.





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