The Leaving of Liverpool

The Leaving of Liverpool
Kevin Knapman

Kevin Knapman

Screen Time: 75%
Role: Bert
Age: 15 years old
Christine Tremarco

Christine Tremarco

Screen Time: 70%
Role: Lily
Age: 14 years old


The Leaving of Liverpool



Rating: 8.3 (3 votes)
Directed: Michael Jenkins
Country: Australia
Language: English
Genre: Coming of Age, Drama, Historical


The story of two young lives caught up in the British child migration schemes of the 1950s. Lily (Christine Tremarco) and Bert (Kevin Jones), are transported from an orphanage in Liverpool, England to the other side of the world, to Australia, where their childhoods are stolen from them in so-called ‘centres of care’ where they are brutalised by those whose responsibility is to equip them for their new life.

Their extraordinary strength of character and love for each other enables them to break out of the dehumanising world into which they have been thrown.





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