Where the Lilies Bloom

Where the Lilies Bloom
Helen Harmon

Helen Harmon

Screen Time: 35%
Role: Ima Dean
Age: 6 years old
Julie Gholson

Julie Gholson

Screen Time: 90%
Role: Marie Call
Age: 15 years old


Where the Lilies Bloom



Rating: 8.89 (9 votes)
Directed: William A. Graham
Country: USA
Language: English
Genre: Coming of Age, Drama


Four Appalachian children carry on by themselves when their father dies - and keep the news of his death a secret, so they won't be taken away by the state. They eventually come to realize that with their devotion to each other, they can overcome any obstacle.

Movie Reviews

While the title may mislead you into thinking that Where the Lilies Bloom is a picturesque outdoors family film, the story is pretty heavy stuff, not altogether suited for younger children.

When their father dies, four backwoods kids hide the fact, lest they be separated by the authorities and shipped off to foster homes. Julie Gholson, the oldest of the children, assumes the "parent" role, proving a formidable opponent for landlord Harry Dean Stanton. Much to everyone's surprise, Stanton turns out to be one of the good guys. Where the Lilies Bloom was adapted by Waltons maven Earl Hamner Jr. from a novel by Vera and Bill Cleaver.







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