Goluboy Portret (Голубой Портрет)

Goluboy Portret (Голубой Портрет)
Dariya Mikhaylova (Дарья Михайлова)

Dariya Mikhaylova (Дарья Михайлова)

Screen Time: 85%
Role: Tanya
Age: 10 years old


Goluboy Portret (Голубой Портрет)

Das Blaue Porträt (Deutsche Originaltitel), Blue Portret


Rating: 9.2 (5 votes)
Directed: Gennadi Shumsky
Country: Russia
Language: Russian
Genre: Coming of Age, Drama, Romance


Summer 1960. Tanya, along with her parents came to visit grandmother. Here she meets the eclectic Alyosha, who lives in the village with his father. In his barn, Alyosha carefully constructs a balloon, dreaming one day to fly on it ... The kids know that August is coming to an end and Tanya has to go back to the city. Then disaster strikes...

This summer will live forever in the memories of Alyosha. A story of first love, and a once-in-a-lifetime friendship.





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