Nanna Bøndergaard

Nanna Bøndergaard

Screen Time: 80%
Role: Nanna Christensen
Age: 11 years old
Tania Frydenberg

Tania Frydenberg

Screen Time: 65%
Role: Karen
Age: 6 years old





Rating: 6 (4 votes)
Directed: Søren Kragh-Jacobsen
Country: Denmark
Language: Danish
Genre: Crime, Family


A group of children debate over whether or not to return a bundle of money they have found for the reward money offered.

Movie Reviews

A great crime movie for the whole family!
Author: Simon P. Beyer from IMDb

The Danish movie "Guldregn" from 1988 is just about the best Danish family movie ever made. The story is good and both children and adults can relate to it.

Four very different children find 800.000 Danish crowns (120.000$) buried in the forest. The money is from a recent robbery at the local post office. But when the robbers discover the location of the money the children are thrown into a dangerous web and have to find a way to escape.

The movie has an awesome atmosphere, the music is superior, the children and especially the grown-up actors give great performances. And Søren Kragh-Jakobsen has done a fine job directing the movie.

I love the fact that the movie portrays Denmark in the 1980's - before every child had a mobile phone and before Danish movies had to be filled with action and special effects all the time. This is a good Danish movie which takes its time to tell an exciting story using the necessary means. The movie contains both humor, suspense and lots of atmosphere. Furthermore, it's one of the few Danish crime movies made for the whole family.







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