Tyven, tyven

Tyven, tyven
Vera Rudi

Vera Rudi

Screen Time: 70%
Role: Lise Lunde
Age: 8 years old


Tyven, tyven

Hold My Heart (International: English title)


Rating: 8 (1 votes)
Directed: Trygve Allister Diesen
Country: Norway
Language: Norwegian
Genre: Drama


If someone stole your daughter, would you steal her back?

In a moment of rage and despair, Harald does what he has long dreamt of but never dared: He kidnaps Lisa, the daughter he is banned from seeing. Suddenly he has his hands full. Not only with the police and a terrified ex on his tail – 7-year-old Lisa turns out to be the toughest opponent of them all. She rejects his dream of a new life abroad. But she does have a dream of her own she’d like to realize…

"Hold my Heart" is a touching and bittersweet tale about how far an ordinary guy is willing to go when someone steals what’s closest to his heart. It’s a warm story about how a father and daughter fumble their way to a relationship they feared was long lost.





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