Roozi ke zan shodam (روزی که زن شدم)

Roozi ke zan shodam (روزی که زن شدم)
Fatemeh Cherag Akhar

Fatemeh Cherag Akhar

Screen Time: 35%
Role: Hava
Age: 7 years old


Roozi ke zan shodam (روزی که زن شدم)

The Day I Became a Woman


Rating: 6.2 (4 votes)
Directed: Marzieh Makhmalbaf
Country: Iran
Language: Persian
Genre: Coming of Age, Drama


This is the story of women at three stages of life in Iran. The first part centers on a young girl on her ninth birthday who is told that she can no longer play with the boys she had been playing with only the day before because she is now a "woman". Told from the perspective of a nine year old "woman" who does not feel like or know what that label refers to, we see how devastatingly this affects both the girl and the boy with whom she had been friends.

The second part is about a young woman who decides to enter a bicycle race against her husband's wishes. As first the husband and then increasing numbers of men from the village ride beside her to convince her to return home, the race begins to symbolize a freedom she desperately wants from the limitations which have been placed on her.

Finally, the third part shows us an old woman who has come into some money and is now free to do what she wants. The way she chooses to use this freedom, however, makes one wonder just how free she is.

Movie Reviews

Hava turns nine and becomes a woman. No longer can she play with boys or even go outside the house without being covered from head to toe. But wanting to play one last time with her friend, she convinces her strict grandmother that, since she was born at noon, she still has a couple more hours of childhood. Havva rushes out, but her last hour of freedom (like Cinderella's at the ball) is haunted by the specter of her oncoming restraints.

The movie clumsily tries to bring the three stories together at the end, but by that time I didn't care. The film is so rich that a little misstep can't hurt it. You might not think that Iranian cinema is your thing, but I suggest you give The Day I Became a Woman a try. It's very accessible and beautifully shot. And you might find a whole new type of film to explore.







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