Imaginary Playmate

Imaginary Playmate
Cassandra Sawtell

Cassandra Sawtell

Screen Time: 75%
Role: Molly Driscoll
Age: 8 years old


Imaginary Playmate



Rating: 8.71 (14 votes)
Directed: William Fruet
Country: Canada
Language: English
Genre: Suspense, Thriller


Suzanne knows that her seven-year-old stepdaughter Molly has been through a lot. The girl's mother had only died a couple of years ago, and her father had married Suzanne not too long after. So when Molly discovers an "invisible friend" named Candace after they move to a new house, Suzanne figures that it's just her way of dealing with everything that has happened.

Except that the details of "Candace's" life are just too detailed and dark. And that "Candace" tells Molly things that Molly couldn't know. And that there was actually a little girl named Candace who lived in their house 90 years ago, a girl with a tragic story whose remaining spirit longs for love -- and for revenge.





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