Cekání na dést

Cekání na dést
Dita Kaplanová

Dita Kaplanová

Screen Time: 100%
Role: Alena
Age: 11 years old


Cekání na dést

Waiting for the Rain


Rating: 7.29 (7 votes)
Directed: Karel Kachyna
Country: Czechoslovakia
Language: Czech
Genre: Coming of Age


It's a hot holiday season in the city and Alena is pretty much left to her own little self, fantasizing and running her personal daily rituals, keeping most people at a safe distance, yet trying to get male attention. After seeing a romantic scene on TV and meeting her military neighbour she starts flirting.

When she finds out the soldier she fell in love with has other priorities, she realizes that maybe it's too soon to grow up - and it's alright for the summer to be over. There's nothing wrong with rain.

Movie Reviews

Expect no suspense in this one, no clever plot twists, no historical reference whatsoever.

It's a simple, funny and very intimid look into the personal life of a small girl in Czechoslovakia's seventies. And as such - in line with L'Adolescente, Nie bede, and Catarina - an easily overlooked gem in a underesteemed genre.

The actress is awesome, the way she flirts with the camera, acts out loneliness and yearning to be noticed by the opposite sex. Best is - she has 100% screen time it's pretty much her movie.

And she did a very good job. See it if you get the chance.







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