Kajsas ko

Kajsas ko
Anna-Klara Hagberg

Anna-Klara Hagberg

Screen Time: 95%
Role: Kajsa
Age: 7 years old


Kajsas ko



Rating: 6 (1 votes)
Directed: Linus Torell
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish
Genre: Family


What would you do if you suddenly won a real live cow? This is what happens to Kajsa when she and her dad one day visit a local fair. All her life, Kajsa has wanted an animal of her own and suddenly she wins Pärlan, a cow, in a raffle!

But cows like Pearl need a lot of attention and work. For one, they have to be milked twice a day, and milking cows isn't all that easy if you're not used to it. When it's raining the cow has to be somewhere, but, if you live in an ordinary terraced house, finding a place for the cow to live can be a bit of a problem. And of course cows need to eat too. Cows eat a lot.

There is no way the grass in Kajsa's garden will be enough for a hungry cow. So, no matter how hard Kajsa tries, Pearl just doesn't enjoy living with Kajsa. In fact, Pearl misses the country life and all of her cow friends.





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