Pordis Hulda Arnadottir (Þórdís Hulda Árnadóttir)

Thordis Hulda Arnadottir (Þórdís Hulda Árnadóttir)

Screen Time: 60%
Role: Ellen
Age: 11 years old
Bergpor Porvaldsson (Bergþór Þorvaldsson)

Bergthor Thorvaldsson (Bergþór Þorvaldsson)

Screen Time: 90%
Role: Kalli
Age: 12 years old



No Network (Europe: English title)
Rating: 7 (1 votes)
Directed: Ari Kristinsson
Country: Iceland
Language: Icelandic
Genre: Adventure, Family


Kalli, a young boy who is brought up by a single mother in the suburbs of Reykjavik gets most of his life experiences through screens: movies, television shows, and computers. When he is sent to spend Christmas with his father and his new family at a remote and isolated farm, the story takes him out of that world and puts him in one where he has to fight "real life" challenges.