L'Empreinte de l'ange

L'Empreinte de l'ange
Héloïse Cunin

Héloïse Cunin

Screen Time: 55%
Role: Lola
Age: 7 years old


L'Empreinte de l'ange

Mark of an Angel (International: English title)


Rating: 8 (1 votes)
Directed: Safy Nebbou
Country: France
Language: French
Genre: Drama, Mystery


Elsa (Catherine Frot) is locked in a custody battle with her ex-husband. Whether she wins care of her son depends on her stability, but immediately one senses that this may be a challenge. As she picks the boy up from a birthday party, she notices a little girl. Something clicks.

Elsa begins to follow the girl, strangely curious about every detail of her life. Of course this girl has a family of her own. Once her mother Claire (played by the always excellent Sandrine Bonnaire) discovers that her daughter is being stalked for unknown reasons, her own maternal instincts rise to their full strength.





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