Anne Frank: The Whole Story

Anne Frank: The Whole Story
Hannah Taylor-Gordon

Hannah Taylor-Gordon

Screen Time: 90%
Role: Anne Frank
Age: 13 years old


Anne Frank: The Whole Story

Anne Frank (UK)


Rating: 9.61 (31 votes)
Directed: Robert Dornhelm
Country: Czech Republic, USA
Language: English / French / Dutch / Hebrew
Genre: Drama, War


This film covers young Anne Frank's life from her childhood before the war in Amsterdam, through the harsh war years covered in her diary, to her final days leading up to her death in a Nazi concentration camp. The resulting story is more heartbreaking than ever, as the full scope of Anne's life and family are covered in greater scope than ever before, featuring outstanding performances and a harsh, unblinking look at the conditions experienced by millions during the dark days of World War II.

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Not just yet another Anne Frank
(author: popdome from IMDb)

Living around the corner of the Dutch Verzetsmuseum (Museum of the Resistance), a (now quite posh) neighborhood where Anne Frank was born and raised for 13 years, I've always had a special interest in the Anne Frank books, films, theatre plays and literature.

Many of you might not know that the Amsterdam Anne Frank Stichting has to approve (not license - it's a not-for-profit foundation against discrimination in general), on behalf of the Frank family, before any film or title about Anne can be commercially produced.

Nevertheless, I've seen many grotesque movie adaptations - many of which portray Anne a bigger heroine than she actually was, often played by an actress twice her age (!!), i've been disappointed oftentimes.

On a side note, I would have been happy to pay big money to've seen Natalie Portman in the theatre adaptation she was supposedly in a few years ago.

This now, "Anne Frank The Whole Story", is something else. It's a very beautiful film, first of all depicting Amsterdam in a true way, about Anne Frank - not so much relying on her diary - but her life and times beyond the "Achterhuis".

I actually believed Hannah Taylor-Gordon, who is a joy to watch anyway, portraying the Anne Frank as I imagined her; happy and merry, steadfast, precocious and foremost just a plain dutch girl.

Needless to say, Ben Kingsley is great, and so are the many other talents. But this actress, she stole the show for me, and because Anne's story appeals to so many people worldwide, this should be a cornerstone in her acting career.

As this was largely a Czech/American production, I think it's time the Dutch start making a true-to-life version. After the Germans with the brilliant "Der Untergang" about Hitler in his bunker, I think the Dutch should have a go at this for dutch history so important lesson. If there's not enough money possibly a co-production. Because it's still rather ridiculous to hear all the characters speak with american and east-european accents.

Plus as far as I can tell, the Netherlands have plenty of acting talent.

Meanwhile, this one's a keeper until then. Highly recommended.







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