La Rabia

La Rabia
Nazarena Duarte

Nazarena Duarte

Screen Time: 50%
Role: Nati
Age: 8 years old


La Rabia

The Rage, Anger (International: English title)


Rating: 8 (2 votes)
Directed: Albertina Carri
Country: Argentina, Netherlands
Language: Spanish
Genre: Drama


In a small remote town in the Argentine pampas, the young Nati (Nazarena Duarte) refuses to speak, habitually removing her clothes in public for no apparent reason. Her mother Alejandra is involved in a violent affair with one of the family's few neighbours, Pichón, the father of Nati's only friend Ladeado. Nati spies on the adulterers while they remain oblivious to her silent gaze. Meanwhile Ladeado ostensibly placates his father while keeping his own secret in the forest. And Natí's father Poldo continues his own resentful feud with Pichón.





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