Svoi Deti (Свои Дети)

Svoi Deti
Yelizaveta Arzamasova (Елизавета Арзамасова)

Yelizaveta Arzamasova (Елизавета Арзамасова)

Screen Time: 75%
Role: Lada
Age: 11 years old


Svoi Deti (Свои Дети)

My Children


Rating: 7.2 (5 votes)
Directed: Aleksandr Kirienko
Country: Russia
Language: Russian
Genre: Drama


Dina thought her life was over when a serious injury stopped her skating career. She begins to teach dance to kids in an orphanage, she begins to take them in as her own when they show much promise.

Gradually, she becomes more and more attached to the unfortunate Lada, who is being bullied and misunderstood by everybody. They connect - but both are unable to forsee the consequences.





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