Adieu, mon ami

Adieu, mon ami
Julie Engelbrecht

Julie Charon-Engelbrecht

Screen Time: 40%
Role: Young Dagmar
Age: 11 years old


Adieu, mon ami



Rating: 8.29 (14 votes)
Directed: Franz Peter Wirth
Country: Germany
Language: German, French
Genre: Drama, Romance, War


A girl, orphaned in WW2 by an bomb attack, roams through Germany, accompanied by a young woman seeking her relatives. She meets a young man and has a good time until the young man, the "enemy", has to go back to France where he came from. The drama is situated in the last months of WW2. Many years later, both grown, they meet again...

Movie Reviews

Sympathetic drama

Sentimental but sympathetic drama wit good characterizations, that does not hold until the end as it starts dragging along the way. The part taking place in war time when the friendship between the young German girl and the older French boy starts and grows, is more interesting than the second part playing somewhere in the early 70's. This part just seems to go on and on and has a ludicrous turn in the story; the finale compensates though. Good cast saves the film from the plain direction.








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