Daddy's Girl

Daddy's Girl
Gabrielle Boni

Gabrielle Boni

Screen Time: 80%
Role: Jody Mitchell
Age: 10 years old


Daddy's Girl



Rating: 9 (3 votes)
Directed: Martin Kitrosser
Country: USA
Language: English
Genre: Thriller


After a troubled year in school, Jody is informed by her teacher, Ms. Hemp, that she will recommend to Jody's father that the girl be sent to a special boarding school next year. Horrified at the thought of being separated from her beloved father, Jody does what any young child in the same situation would do: she sneaks into the school the next day when nobody is there but Ms. Hemp is there and brutally murders her by crushing her with a bookcase so Ms. Hemp can't meet with her father. Well, maybe Jody isn't like the other children. As other people start to come between the girl and her father, they also meet similar fates.





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