Nikudyshnaya (Никудышная)

Nikudyshnaya (Никудышная)
Olga Mashaya (Ольга Машная)

Olga Mashnaya (Ольга Машная)

Screen Time: 95%
Role: Anya
Age: 15 years old


Nikudyshnaya (Никудышная)

The Useless Girl


Rating: 7.2 (5 votes)
Directed: Dinara Asanova
Country: Russia
Language: Russian
Genre: Coming of Age, Drama


Anya is a 14 year old girl. and an obnoxious trouble maker. Partly because her parents neglect her, partly because of her stuttering and frustration being unable to communicate. Her parents then decide to send her to a small village to calm down and adjust. There, with the help of a grumpy old war veteran, she learns important life lessons and eventually finds peace.





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