Amerikanskaya doch (Американская дочь)

Amerikanskaya doch (Американская дочь)
Allison Whitbeck

Allison Whitbeck

Screen Time: 70%
Role: Annie
Age: 12 years old


Amerikanskaya doch (Американская дочь)

American Daughter
Rating: 8.75 (4 votes)
Directed: Karen Shakhnazarov
Country: Kazakhstan, Russia
Language: Russian, English
Genre: Comedy, Crime, Drama


The film’s protagonist, a musician at one of Moscow’s restaurants, flies to San Francisco in order to… kidnap his own daughter.In this film by Karen Shakhnazarov, Maria Shukshina and Vladimir Mashkov portray a divorced couple fighting for the possession of their only child. The wife deserted her husband and, together with their little daughter Anya (Allyson Whitbeck), secretly left Russia for San Francisco where she married a respectable American. The woman was fed up with her not too comfortable life with a musician playing at a Moscow restaurant. Four years later, the father arrives in America, just to see his beloved daughter. Following a touching reunion, the father and daughter decide to make a secret escape, the idea belonging entirely to the 11-year-old Anya who wouldn’t part with her daddy. And here starts their fascinating hitchhiking trip all over America, packed with comical situations and adventure…

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The illegal father and daughter travel around the States, having many adventures en route. On their way back to Russia, they are arrested; Alexei is imprisoned for trespassing and kidnapping. Anna rescues him by flying into the prison in a helicopter, which she lands in the prison yard. Yep.

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