The Daisy Chain

The Daisy Chain
Mhairi Anderson

Mhairi Anderson

Screen Time: 70%
Role: Daisy Gahan
Age: 7 years old


The Daisy Chain



Rating: 6.63 (19 votes)
Directed: Aisling Walsh
Country: Ireland, UK
Language: English
Genre: Drama, Thriller


Martha, an emotionally fragile mother, who moves to a remote Irish village with her husband Tomas following the tragic death of their baby daughter. Whilst there, the couple decide to take in a disturbed and orphaned autistic girl called Daisy.

Uncommunicative and greatly scarred by the violent death of her parents, Daisy gradually warms to her new surroundings. But, as a series of strange occurrences begin to be linked to the little girl, Martha and Tomas begin to hear rumors from the locals that Daisy might be something far more malevolent than she seems.





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