Nina Knapskog

Nina Knapskog

Screen Time: 90%
Role: Kamilla
Age: 8 years old



Kamilla (International title), Betrayal (US: Festival title)


Rating: 7.6 (3 votes)
Directed: Vibeke Løkkeberg
Country: Norway
Language: Norwegian
Genre: Coming of Age, Drama, Historical


Norway, 1948. Kamilla and Svein (age 7) grow up. Kamilla is the daughter of a bankrupt factory owner making his living as a shoemaker and with dreams of a prosperous new life in North America. Svein is a working-class child.

Together they experience families breaking up and violence, child cruelty and social and emotional humiliation. Together they develop the love and solidarity lacking in both homes. Without power and resources they fight a losing battle against the coldness, indifference and selfishness of the adults.

The film is a general description of the environment in a distinctive part of Norway seen through children's eyes, children who never experienced parental love.





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