Det polska korset

Det polska korset
Jasmina Heikura

Jasmina Heikura

Screen Time: 45%
Role: Marie-Jeanne
Age: 13 years old


Det polska korset

Spökafton: Det polska korset


Rating: 7.5 (2 votes)
Directed: Harald Hamrell
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish
Genre: Adventure, Short


11 year old Phillip is to sleep over at castle Sandby while his mother goes to conference. Here he meets his mom's colleague's mysterious daughter Marie-Jeanne (Jasmine Heikura). She tells a lot of scary stories about the castle and a groom named Edward who drowned in the lake for over a century ago. But no one rescued Edward, because no one was brave enough. And Philip himself would never be brave enough to do something like that. Or would he?





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