No Child of Mine

No Child of Mine
Brooke Kinsella

Brooke Kinsella

Screen Time: 100%
Role: Kerry
Age: 13 years old


No Child of Mine

Rating: 9.18 (22 votes)
Directed: Peter Kosminsky
Country: UK
Language: English
Genre: Drama


Thirteen-year-old Kerry is repeatedly sexually abused by several adults, including at one point her mother. Her father sets her up as a prostitute. Kerry finally calls Childline and is put in a safe house, where she tries to come to terms with what has been done to her. Based on a true story, with the names changed to protect the real Kerry's identity.

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Dir: Peter Kosminsky
United Kingdom 1997
82mins Colour Beta

A victim of what is referred to as ‘conveyer-belt’ abuse, the dramatised story of 11 year old ‘Kerry Cropper’ prompted nearly 45,000 calls to a special helpline when it was first transmitted in 1997. Abused at home and subsequently abused when taken into care, Kerry winds up prostituting herself. Based on a true case, No Child Of Mine is the kind of film that would have been impossible to make as a straight documentary. The doors behind which these abuses take place are rarely opened willingly. Featuring a powerful central performance by 12 year old Brooke Kinsella, Peter Kosminsky’s drama pulls few punches, and is as relentless in its intensity as the best documentary filming.

Best Single Drama, BAFTA Awards; Grand Jury Special Mention, AFI Festival, la; Grand Prix, Cinema Tout Ecran, Geneva; Certificate of Merit, Chicago International TV Festival, Best Sound, RTS Craft; Overall Winner, Mental Health Media Awards







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